Always wanted to write a romance novel?

Always wanted to write a romance novel? Well here is your chance. With this amazing contest from Harlequin you now have the opportunity, along with the ultimate author’s publishing prize up for grabs. Check out the information below and then go to the so you think you can write website to join up.

So you think you can write

You can see the itinerary for the Harlequin boot-camp, online conference, events here.

Rules and regulations for the contest can be found here.

Ready to take up the gauntlet? Then click on the image below to join up now. Good luck!

So you think you can write join3

Spice up your April with Harlequin :) A lovely giveaway

If you live in North America and you are interested in a bit of romance and fun for April, take a moment to check out this post.

Here’s what you gotta do to win:


Give me the title and author of your very favourite Harlequin book of all time, then tweet, reblog or share this post to your favourite social media outlet! One random winner will be chosen on Thursday, the 17th of April. Please remember that this giveaway is only for those in NORTH AMERICA :)

April is Billionaires month at Harlequin!








And here is what you can win–I want one too!












Here are some of the exciting things you can find at























1404_hp_fourFriends_mainSo go give the site a look and see if something tickles your fancy.

And here is a calendar of themes for the coming months.


Win a Sonoma Getaway from Author Susan Wiggs

Susan is offering anyone who preorders her book before 5/1 the chance to win a getaway for 2 to Sonoma, CA!  The prize also includes airfare for 2 with two nights at the Fairmont Sonoma Inn, a 3-day car rental from the San Francisco International airport, tour & tasting at two wineries, and a hot air balloon ride for two!

Sounds like a great break from every day life doesn’t it?

Click on the picture to enter!

An Unfinished Story ( A Blog Contest From Readful Things)

Time for another contest. This has really become one of the best things about blogging.

What’s on the line this time: My respect (I know right whoopadeedoo) and “The Marks of Cain”  by Tom Knox. It’s a brand new, spiffy paperback copy and it can be yours if you enter the contest and your response is picked. So come on good people, give it a go. Leave me a comment below with your entry.











Here is what you do: I have written the beginning of a story below. Finish the story for me. I have tried to leave it pretty open so you can pick your genre. Please limit your response to 300 words or less. Have fun and I look forward to your creativity.

It wasn’t like that before, Andrea thought to herself. The previous night’s storm had caused the tree to topple over like it had never been rooted to the ground. The hole it left in the wake of the storm-induced tragedy was enormous, bigger than she could possibly fill in on her own, especially with nothing but a broken shovel. Andrea walked to the large pit that was now the center of her front yard a peered in. What was that she was seeing? It looked like a


Winner of the Blog Contest


So after a morning of beautiful sunshine, ignoring all of my emails (except for yours Dave,)  terrible wind, excellent chocolate at the new bakery down the street from me and a good bike ride on my favourite trail, I am going to grow up now and actually post. I had so many lovely entries that I actually had to email and poll some of my readers to help me choose a winner. So, without further ado–The winner of the blog contest and the proud new owner of a spiffy $25 gift card is

Mr. John Howell over at


Here is his entry:

Dumbubble – Adjective: (Preferred) To describe a type of malfunction on an interstellar telescope. (Secondary) To describe the pink sticky stuff on the nose after using gum that has collapsed. Sentence: Mission control has been advised that we have a dumbubble flair on the Hubble causing a blackout
Flaxsot – Noun: (Preferred) The name of the sticky spot left after killing a flax. (Secondary) The condition name of the results of drinking too much flax. Sentence: The carpet was replaced when the technicians could not remove the flaxsot
Butterorepeans – Noun: The genus name of seed pods that produce butter. Sentence: The butterorpeans must be cleaned, cracked and pressed before the contents are ready for the toast.
Tropurkey- Adjective (Slang) To describe an individual who is too happy. Sentence: Mary’s friends grew tired of her tropurkey attitude
Queekant – Adjective: The sound description that new shoes make in use. Sentence: He was trying to sneak into the house and decided to take off his shoes to avoid queekant disruption.

I will be sending out your shiny gift card as soon as Amazon gets it to me! Congratulations John on a hilarious job well done. I will be announcing a new contest soon. Thank you to everyone else for your great entries as well!

Still need more entries–extending the contest by a week

I held a contest a few weeks ago and got very few entries:( Wanting to see some more creativity, I have decided to extend the contest  for another week in hopes of getting some more entries. To those of you who did enter, thank you and the winner will now be decided on Friday the 22nd. The prize is a $25 gift card. (I’m a starving artist.)

So come on peeps! Enter the contest for your chance to win:)

“You said what?” a blog contest from Readful Things

The last contest was so much fun that I had to do another one. So, here we go….


The Prize up for grabs this time, is a $25 dollar gift card from

The Winner will be announced on the 15th of March.

Here’s what you gotta do: 



Nonsense words:

The following list of words are nonsense words. In order to enter the contest, you must choose five of these nonsense words. Then, you will decide on a part of speech, a definition for them and use each of them in a sentence. Leave me a comment below with your entry:)
























I look forward to seeing your responses:)