What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?








What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you are? We all settle into our daily routines and after while they become second nature. I know that I don’t usually stop to think about everyday life much of the time. I just do what I do and keep moving forward. Still in moments like when I took this photo, the world slows for a brief while and I wonder, do each of us have a calling and how do we know if we have reached out and taken what is supposed to be ours? When I am not behind a book, my goal is to photograph the world. I have never claimed to be very good at it, but I do like my camera and I have an awful lot of fun doing it. What do you like to do when you aren’t at your day job?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


39 thoughts on “What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

  1. Oh gosh, I ask myself this all the time. I never have an answer.😕
    I don’t really feel like I am that good at anything really but I guess I do enjoy doing my art scribbles. It would be neat for that be my full job.


  2. I also like taking photos in my spare time… otherwise, I’m doing school. But if I could do anything, I’d travel the world. I’d go to England and visit all those literary places I long to see, I’d go to Madagascar, to visit my Christmas Chile friend… I’d go so many places. Maybe one day…


  3. I’m actually in the process of turning what I love to do into my day job. I guess if I wasn’t doing that, I’d be reading under a tree when the weather is good.


  4. I lucked out and study and teach children’s literature for a living, but if I wasn’t doing that I think I’d be working with animals! I worked at an animal shelter in college and loved it.


  5. Having more time on my hands at the moment, I’ve turned to spending more of my day writing – but, this doesn’t feed me!


  6. That is soooo easy.

    I know this is pretty much what I am doing in my spare time – but it would be great to be paid to do it full time – get paid to read. If I could I would go to Uni and get a degree in english. I would become an editor, publisher or something of the like and read books for a living. Or maybe become an reviewer for a newspaper or magazine.

    By the way – I just got approved to review for BTS on eMag. I am sooooo excited. It is still doing reviews for free BUT that is just the first step of many right???


  7. *sigh* Horseback riding. I love horses, I love working at barns, I love riding and jumping.
    If I could turn back time I wouldn’t have fallen off and broke my humerus and shattered my shoulder, leaving me unable to ride, needing surgery a year later, for probably the rest of my life due to risk of making it worse if something were to happen.


    • I really, really feel for you! I had a bad fall about 15 years ago, and the Dr. told me, “You can’t ever fall again!” So I gave up skiing! 😉 I compromised by getting a Walking Horse and not cantering her. I only ride occasionally now (hey, I’m 58!) but I love having the horses here on our farm and being able to watch them daily and hang out with them. I’m so sorry about your bad fall. My heart goes out to you!


  8. I believe I AM doing what I’d be doing if I weren’t doing what I’m doing now. Huh? Let me explain. I am a teacher. I have twelve weeks of vacation a year. During my teaching weeks, I am behind-the-scenes excitedly planning my next adventure. Usually that adventure is Paris! I spent last summer and last winter break there. I thought to myself. Hmmm. Would I want to LIVE here? I concluded…no. I love my job, and I love this “double life” I lead. The big gaps of time allow me to write. I suppose, if I could be a full-time writer, I would. Okay. You got me. I’d write.🙂


  9. My day job is writer, but when I need a break; I work on my 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. I have her now street legal which meant a redo of brakes and the electrical system to allow lights, turn signal etc. I am doing it myself (which is the whole point). Thanks for asking and I will stop here since I could go on and on…- John


    • You can feel free to go on. I have a thing for restoring classic cars, particularly the early model muscle cars. I bet your Cruiser is a lot of fun to work on. What are You going to do with it when you are finished?


  10. Love that picture, where is this beautiful place? I like reading, music and dream of traveling the world but am busy making money to do just that. *sigh* And I love photography too but frankly I’m not much good at it.


  11. I’m dedicated to my day job, teaching, but I would love more time to write. I have to remind myself (and sometimes my fiancee has to remind me) that while I have very little free-time now, the work I put in today will pay off when it buys me a routine later that affords me plenty of time for personal pursuits. Great post, great question!


  12. That’s a gorgeous photo! Don’t sell yourself short! Maybe some day someone else will be reviewing YOUR book of photography!

    Thank you for getting me to think about this. Actually, I think I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now–being a grandmother, mother and wife and living on a little farm! Here’s my other blog: http://zephyrhillfarm.blogspot.com/ This is my other self! And I’m sure I’d still be collecting & writing our family history stories, building a dollhouse, setting up a model train in the basement & scrapbooking for fun.

    Thank you for reminding me just how blessed I am!


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