David Hudnut’s Night Walk is FREE on Kindle today

This is one of the books on my “to be read soon” list and you can find it FREE today on Kindle, by going HERE

I haven’t read it as of yet, but I can vouch for how much work the author has put into editing it and getting it ready for our reading pleasure. If you are a lover of all things horror, here is a book that promises a good time!


Why is everyone picking on the lovable Wistfell family today? 

Is it the fact that their four-year-old daughter Eva has developed telepathic abilities and she’s messing with everyone’s heads? 
Rob and Amelia Wistfell take Eva to Venice Beach so they can relax and enjoy their Saturday. Throughout the day a variety of random encounters with irritable and confrontational strangers ruins their good mood. Rob and Amelia have no idea why. Eva is too young to understand what is going on herself. The family returns home with their tails between their legs. 
They hope to put their disastrous day behind them by taking a relaxing evening stroll through their neighborhood. During their walk, a final confrontation escalates into outright violence. Will the Wistfell family fall prey to their assailants? Or will their assailants get more than they bargained for? What role will Eva’s strange powers play? Where do her powers come from anyway? 


Find out in Night Walk by David Hudnut–Description from Amazon.com